True Story (Probably)

I’m pretty sure this is how it happened.

Hey Doug, we have a problem here.

Wha? Something wrong with Stevie?!

No, no he’s fine.

Well then what goddammit? I’m busy.

The back-up dancers…they’re on strike.

 Strike? What do you mean strike?

 I mean they’re not going to be here for the shoot.

 Jesus BOB! We’re shooting the video in half an hour! What the hell am I supposed to do?

 I don’t know Doug. I don’t know.

 Christ…what are we going to tell Stevie? He’s never going to work with us again after this…You know how he is!

Well, what about them?


 Those girls in your office who just sit around all day filing and typing and the rest.

 Bob, those are my secretaries. What exactly are you suggesting here?

 Well, they look young. Maybe they’d like to be in a Stevie Wonder video?

 That may be a good idea, Bob…except there’s only one small problem.

 What’s that?

 They’re about the shittiest dancers I’ve seen in my 49 years. Are you high?!

 Doug, hear me out. I mean…what choice do we have here? Listen…Stevie may not even notice.

They’re not his girls! Of course he’s going to notice.

 No, I mean, just come up with some half-baked story about how we got some new girls…


 And you know, he’s well…you know…

 He’s what Bob?

 Well he’s blind isn’t he?

 Yeah, so?

 So you shoot the thing, tell the girls to do a little jig and…I mean, you tell me how Stevie will ever know the difference?

 This is gotta be the dumbest idea ever. You know you’re going to get me fired right?

 Doug, honestly, what choice do we have right now?

 You have a point there.  SANDY! JESSICA!…ladies, can you come here for a minute? I need to talk to you… 


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