The Eve Tradition

Every Christmas, my family gathers around the Youtube to watch Mariah belt out my favorite version of O, Holy Night.

And every Christmas, we have the same conversation

Dad: She’s half black? She doesn’t even look black at all.

Me: Yes, I promise you she’s half-black.

Dad: Well, she’s got hips like a black lady, but is she really half-black?

Me: Yes

Mom: Shut up, it’s coming to the best part.

Dad: How can she sing so loud? Where are the microphones?

Me: There are no microphones. It’s a recording.

Dad: HUH? Are the microphones on the ceiling?

Me: No. There are no microphones…this is just a recording, not a live performance.

Dad: See? There are no microphones on the ceiling…

Me: Just listen, it’s the good part. Here comes the good part. Listen to how she hits the high note.

Dad: Mmm. The microphones must be in her dress.

Me: Yes, it’s in her dress.

Mom: You’re missing the best part! Can you please stop talking?

Dad: How do they fit the microphones in that dress? She can barely fit in the dress herself.

Me: They make them small.

Dad: She’s really half black?

Mom: Your father has ruined the song. Play it again.

Merry Christmas to all. Here’s hoping your family traditions are alive and well.



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2 responses to “The Eve Tradition

  1. your dad cracks me up! 🙂 I didn’t know she was half black so I googled it! They say her mom is Irish and dad is Black/Venezuelan. So technically she’s 1/4 black! You can let your dad know. lol
    hope you’re having a happy christmas eve! miss you!

  2. Grace

    LOL! I just watched it with my parents.
    Me: Just watch…
    (right away) Mom: wow. look at her chest.
    Dad: is she a singer?
    Me: yeah, she’s very famous and very good.
    Dad: Is she singing at a church? She must be a believer.
    (they both just listen for a while)
    Mom: Is that her REAL chest?
    Me: well, she’s 1/2 black…
    Mom: What?! But she’s so white!
    Me: (laugh quietly)
    Mom: Why are you laughing? This girl is not black. Where is she black?
    (song ends)
    Dad: She must have sang this song so others can be blessed and believe in Jesus.
    Mom (to dad): Do you believe she’s 1/2 black?
    (They both walk out of my room without saying a word to each other.)

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