Declaration of Independence

I’m not much of a collector, but it does give me much pleasure to add to my country lapel pin collection.

The rules for this collection are simple. If I visit a new country, then I treat myself with a new lapel pin (transit stops don’t count). Right now, my collection stands at a very modest 14 pins which is why I’m hell-bent on collecting more.

I think obsession with these lapel pins is too strong a word, but it might be the closest English word to describe it. I used to be excited about travelling anywhere…now I’m only excited if I get a new lapel pin (I’m writing this in China, a country lapel pin I’ve already collected).

Recently, I think obsession, or whatever you call it, has officially crossed over to the dark side. I was given a voucher to fly anywhere in Asia. Given my timeframe, my options were these:

  1. Visit a friend in Korea
  2. Visit a friend in Taiwan
  3. Go to Japan by myself and get a new lapel pin.

Shouldn’t that be a no-brainer? Visit friends I haven’t seen in forever or get a new lapel pin? Sad to admit, it wasn’t as clear cut as it should have been. Now, I won’t say that the lapel pin was a dominant factor in my decision, but I’d say it was more like 35%, which is honestly 35% too high.

In the end, I did come to my senses to visit a friend in Taiwan and geopolitics dictate that I do not get a new lapel pin (The UN’s official position is that Taiwan is indeed part of a sovereign China).

But I’m here in Taipei and it could not be any more different than the Mainland (I’m on Facebook, for goodness sakes).

So I know it matters little, my humble declaration on this sticky political situation.

But I declare Taiwan a free and independent state.

Now give me my lapel pin.


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One response to “Declaration of Independence

  1. grace

    14 is not a bad collection. one more would’ve made it a nice round 15 though…;)

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