Another One of Those Thoughts

Children in New York City have developed a funny little habit, a learned response to their urban experience. You’ll notice that when kids exit subway turnstiles, they’ll look back to avoid getting plunked on their heads by the revolving metal bar. Kids who are young and small enough will just duck under the bar and pass on through, but its those 7-8 year olds, so eager to interact with the world as adults, who have adapted nicely to the harsh realities of a revolving metal bar. I’ve seen it happen for the “first-timers”,  these kids who barrel through the turnstiles with no wherewithall or gained wisdom…they get WHAPPED on the back of the head. I’m sure just once is enough, a teachable moment indeed.

It made me wonder at what age do the kids stop doing this? When do the kids stop looking back?

When do we ever stop looking back?

Then I thought, maybe never.


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