Happy Face/Sad Face

Sometimes I feel like I have no right to feel sad. After all, I have everything and some people in this world have next to nothing.

But it is my belief that we’ll always find a way to be sad. This is true in the glorious courts of kings, boardrooms, bedrooms, two-story homes or ramshackle tents. Note that the richest country in the world is also its most medicated. Tragically, it’s the way we’re built.

So do I have the right to be sad? A misleading question if you ask me.

Another way to think about it, and I think the better way to think about it, is this: In these places with less, where even the basics like water and shelter are not guaranteed, people somehow find the courage to be happy, because after all, we only get one shot at this. And sometimes happiness is something you have to hunt for, or something you work to be…it certainly doesn’t come as easily or as indulgently as sadness or self-pity can.

The question I think we should ask ourselves is not, do I have the right to be sad, but rather, do I have any excuse not to be happy?


Never thought of it that way.


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One response to “Happy Face/Sad Face

  1. chosunblog

    i’m never satisfied.. always looking for the next best thing, and occasionally i look around me thinking that i should just be happy with what i have and grateful for the ppl around me (which i am!) …but this is also a driver, motivation to continue to seek and pursue more in life. perhaps change the perspective of it.. it’s not sadness but a way to motivate yourself to do more. i think i’m truly the saddest when i don’t have a goal, something else to work towards.

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