Groundhog’s Day in New York

The gathered crowd mulled about in anticipation. This surely has become one of those hokey American traditions like Pumpkin Carving or Easter Egg hunts.

The elusive signs were springing up everywhere, excuse the pun. Blossoms, splendid hints of warmth in the air, and confused pedestrians either dressed too heavy or dressed too light.

He walked into the Starbucks and an immediate hush fell upon crowd. He took his sweet time, savoring the attention.

Dispensing with any and all ceremonial pomp, the barista asked him the question, “So, what will it be?”

<A pregnant pause>

I’ll have a grande…

ICED Coffee!

The crowd erupted. Men, women and children were hugging, literally dancing in the streets. Oh, Joyful day!

Winter was over. Spring was here! Spring was here!

Spring was here at last!


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