Snowflakes, We’re Not

We’re all a little racist, let’s just get that unpleasantness out of the way right now.

At Starbucks last week, a white person handed me a Chai latte and said, here you go Peter.

When I told him I wasn’t Peter, he apologized and said that all Asians look the same to him. That’s when Peter showed up, a 230-235 pound Filipino. He was bald and had a goatee.

Reader, let me ask you. Are you appalled by that?

If you are, you shouldn’t be. Maybe it’s your gut reaction to think Mr. Starbucks Baristo man a racist. True, his comment was a bit off-colored, but my honest thought at the time he said it was, “Well that’s ok. All white men who work at Starbucks look the same to me.”

Does it matter if it’s said outloud or kept to myself? Of course it doesn’t matter, it’s the same in either case. But it doesn’t mean we’re racist. It just means, well…we’re both just a little racist.

I’ve heard this comment on numerous occassions, though, this All Asians look alike sentiment. I’ve always dismissed it, assuming that all races felt this way about each other. So for example, Asians think all Mexicans look the same, or Mexicans think all Black people look the same, and so on and so forth.

But it never occurred to me that maybe everyone was right about Asians. What if we really do look alike?

For example, I saw this in National Geographic:


Who is this, you ask?
Accoriding to National Geographic, this happens to be the most typical face on the planet, a composite sketch of hundreds of thousands of the most common faces on Earth.

Take a close look. I hate to admit it, but I know like 6 guys who look like him. In fact, I know this guy…his name is Jason.

Don’t you just hate it when stereotypes are right?


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One response to “Snowflakes, We’re Not

  1. Jessica

    Well rather than just accepting that people of a race look the same to people of another race, maybe we ought to realize that we need to mingle more with other races enough, especially living in America. He wouldn’t have mistaken you for Peter if he had a lot of Asian friends. The same goes for every race. I just think it’s a problem of ignorance.

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