An Oldie But a Goodie

The year was 1983.

My parents had just moved to the States and ran a small food shop in Anaheim. The only English they knew could be found on their menu.

“Hamburger”, “Coca-Cola”, “French Fry” was about the extent of it.

The big song at the time, of course, was ‘Billie Jean’ by a still-black Michael Jackson. This confused my parents.

“Bean and Cheese? Why he sing about Bean and Cheese?”

Now we find ourselves in 2011. Michael is gone, Mrs. Bean and Cheese have two grown Bean and Cheese children, and we’re listening to Billie Jean on the radio as the first song of the new year.

Time ticks on and some choose to live big and fast. They burn bright but they burn short.

Those of us who find the most joy in ordinary living inhale and exhale slowly, each breath a fine art in the mundane.

But we breathe to see more days, and with more days comes more meals, more stories, and more dreams realized. More days means grandchildren.

To all, may 2011 and beyond be slow and meaningful.

Burn but don’t burn out.

Happy New Year.


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