He (Because he’s the schemer): Here’s the plan.

She: Ok, lay it on me

He: We start at the Great Wall.

She: Why there?

He: I like it because it gives the sense of a long journey. And that’s what this is really.

She: Ok.

He: Then, we go to Vegas for the pre-party.

She: A good a place as any, I guess.

He: Good. I think then, we should hit the major cities. Just for the night life. NY, Barcelona, Paris, Mexico City, Rio, and…Dubai.

She: A nice distribution. What about Asia?

He: Bangkok.

She: Then what?

He: Then I was thinking we get in tune with nature. Let’s do waterfalls in Argentina, Safari in Namibia. Beaches in California are best I think. But maybe cuz I’m from there.

She: oooh. A beach sounds nice.

He: I’m just getting started. We can’t just think leisure…the best trips are good for the soul, I think. So we go spiritual. Israel, Mecca, Mongolia, India, and…Mali.

She: Looks like we’ve covered all the hot spots.

He: That’s what I was thinking. So I think I’ll throw in an off-beaten path sort of place. I hear scuba diving is nice in the Maldives.

She: That sounds fun. Looks like you’ve put a lot of thought into this.

He:  Well yeah. It’s not everyday I have $10 billion and a warp transporter.

She: Hypotheticals are fun aren’t they?

He: They are. Wait, what would you do?

She: You mean with you?

He: Well, yeah.

She: I’d go to Blockbuster, rent the Sandlot and spend the night under the covers.

He: That’s what we did last weekend. With that much money and the ability to go anywhere in the world, wouldn’t you want something extraordinary?

She: Do you know how happy ordinary is?

He: But the money! We can go anywhere!

She: Go then. I’ll be here under the covers.

He: <Sigh> Can we watch a Woody Allen movie?

She: No, I want to watch the Sandlot again.

He: Ok. I’ll get the popcorn.


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  1. A Angel

    You misspelled Namibia.

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