Hopes and Wishes

Can I correct something in your English?


You substitute the word ‘wish’ for ‘hope’ incorrectly. It sounds a bit strange.

What do you mean?

You say things like, “I wish you have a good rest.” Or “I wish you have a good time.” I know what you mean, but the right word is hope. I hope you have a good day, not, I wish you have a good day.

Oh, that’s confusing. What’s the difference between wish and hope?

Well, wishes are a bit more petulant aren’t they? Like when you rub on the genie lamp, you make three wishes and it usually has to do something with money, fame or power. If the genie were to ask, you have three hopes…maybe I would say, I hope to find happiness in my life. I hope that I will find the right person to love. I hope that I achieve great things. Hopes are more…hopeful, for lack of a better word…and they’re more revelatory, in the end.

But wishes come true…that’s what they say anyways. They’re more concrete. I wish for this or I wish for that. Not vague…concrete.


So if I say, I wish you have a good day, there’s a better chance it will come true. Right?

Is that really what you’d spend one of your three wishes on? That I have a good day?


That’s really sweet of you. But nevertheless, the right word is hope. Sometimes, though, wishes and hopes can be interchangeable.

Give me an example.

Like when I say, I wish I could be with you right now. I could also say, I hope I can be with you.

That sounds different. Your wish implies now. Your hope implies future.

You have a point there. Again, it sounds like wishes are more short-sighted, doesn’t it? I guess you could say that hopes are reserved for bigger things.

You’re starting to confuse me.

I’m starting to confuse myself. All I know is, if my wish didn’t come true…I guess I’d be disappointed, but I wouldn’t be crushed. I’d just file it together with all the toys I didn’t get for Christmas or the lotto tickets that didn’t yield. If I lost hope in something…I don’t know. That’s what they mean when a piece of you dies, I guess.

Hopes are more dangerous than wishes it seems.

I would say so, but they’re harder to kill.

I see.

Think of it as risk and reward. Experience tells us that the more we risk the greater the reward, right?


Hopes, in the end, yield more. They hold out for more than wishes tend to do. But hope…hope has hollowed out many people. You have to be careful.

And you? Where are you?

By nature, I’m risk averse. But in this moment, I’m filled with hope. Maybe it’s you.

Hm, I wish it works out for you.

Hope. You ‘hope’ it works out for me.

I don’t think I’ll ever get it.

It’s ok. I know what you mean.



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2 responses to “Hopes and Wishes

  1. i like!

    btw, i can’t ever tell when your stories are true or if you’ve made them up. whatever the case, they’re enjoyable.

  2. Da iLLest

    This was so good!!

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