The Poop Dream

Here’s a test to see if you’re Korean.

I had a dream that involved poop yesterday night.

What is the proper response?

Why, buy  a lottery ticket of course.

Not only this, but call home to tell your mom to buy a lottery ticket as well.

Me: Mom, I think you should buy a lotto ticket.

Mom: You had a dream about poop??

Me: Yes, I had the dream.

Mom: Was it on your body?

Me: Does it matter? Isn’t a dream about poop the only pre-requirement for good fortune?

Mom: No, it has to be on the body.

Me: So my dream about poop was worthless?

Mom: Yes, but I’ll buy a lotto ticket anyways.

Me: Yeah, you never know.



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2 responses to “The Poop Dream

  1. gina

    really? i was always under the impression you had to dream about pigs

  2. that’s what the Chinese say too, my mom is always telling me if you dream of something bad, then it’ll be good in real life.

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