The Scrooge of Halloween

I hate Halloween. There’s just nothing I like about it. I went back to an earlier entry, which I posted last year, and it explains some of the reason: Viva Mexico

Someone had the audacity to buzz my door today.


Me: Grrrrrrmm…WHO IS IT??

Annoying kids: TRICK OR TREAT!!!!

Me: Trick…I’ll take trick.

Pregnant pause…


Annoying Kids: TRICK OR TREAT??

Me: Trick! I said trick!

Annoyed Parent: Do you have candy or not?

Me: I thought you were giving me an option.

Annoyed Parent: Hey, stop being an asshole…my kids just want some candy.

Me: Sorry, no candy here.

Bah-hum bug.



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2 responses to “The Scrooge of Halloween

  1. clov3

    i hate halloween too. just not a fan. j and i decided to stay in, but we went through all this trouble to buy candy for the stankin’ kids…and NO ONE CAME.
    now we have this huge bowl of candy that will inevitably end up sticking to my growing fat.

    blah, humbug.

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