White People Are Funny

White Person: Well hello there! And how are you doing today?

Me: I’m doing great, how about yourself?

White Person: Doing splendidly. I was just wondering, are ya’ll having a family reunion?

Me: I guess you can say that. My cousin is actually getting married so the whole family is in town.

White Person: Here in Dunn, North Carolina? What a strange place to have it!

Me: Well, the bride…she’s from Dunn.

White Person: Oh?

Me: Yeah.

White Person:  Now, ya’ll are Chinese right?

Me: No, actually, we’re all Korean.

White Person: Oh that’s fantastic! You know, it’s funny…my chiropracter a number of years back…I believe he was a Japanese.

Me: Wow, yeah. What a coincidence.

White Person: It certainly is a small, small world. Ya’ll have a wonderful weddin’.

Me: Thanks.



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3 responses to “White People Are Funny

  1. SK

    enjoyed 100%. partially because we got the strangest looks going into the walmart on friday. Dunn, NC has probably have never seen so many asians before.

  2. susan

    Lol. Aw. You’re in NC? So near, yet so far.. 😛
    Southerners are def funny/cute. Lol

  3. HAHAHA… stopped by to get some laughs and you never fail.

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