You Know What’s Annoying?…

One-finger typers.

I’m surprised that these people survived the typewriter apocalypse.

But here’s this guy sitting right next to me pounding away at his keyboard with his muscular index fingers.

It’s not just the inefficiency of this typing technique. Nor is it just the gross neglect of his other digits.

It’s the knowledge that some typing program out there produced this travesty.

I wonder how fast he can type ‘REFUND’.


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One response to “You Know What’s Annoying?…

  1. Jin Kuwata

    Or maybe he never had formal training. To be honest, although I touch type fast I’m not so sure any more whether it is really necessary to teach people “proper” typing technique. If it gets the job done, should we really be subjecting people to hours of aaa, ddd, add, sad… ? Maybe the right approach is when people hit that wall and need to be faster, then they have the motivation to learn it and at that point, touch-type lessons come into play. It’s not like language where there is some finite window. Anyone can pick it up when they determine that they want to.

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