A Nice Graduation Gift From Mom

I love emails from my Mom. I told her that I was looking for beds on Craigslist and this was her response.
Please note the sincere concern she expresses for my roommate.
Dear Chris,
E-Mo worries about BED BUG !!
she met so many people get that badly in city.
please do’nt buy anything from craig list or any used one.
I ‘ll send you money give me checking number.
Tell your roommate  too.  It’s spred fast onece it has,produce  thousand a day.


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4 responses to “A Nice Graduation Gift From Mom

  1. gina

    awww, momma’s ❤

  2. Sarah

    hahahaha chris, this is so, something my mom would say too! hahaha

  3. kathleen

    uhm…. i bought my bed from craigslist used and haven’t had a problem in three years! you can do it! does this mean you’re staying in the city? 😀

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