Devastating Typo

As some of you know, I work part-time at the United Nations Development Program (UNDP).

Lately I’ve been putting on my best face because I’m up for a permanent full time position.

My boss gave me a frank appraisal, saying that she liked my attitude, work ethic and attention to detail.

Areas of improvement included business writing style. She says that I’m a good writer, but I tend to be too lyrical and wordy. Short, succinct sentences…to the point, informative, and streamlined.

She asked me to draft an important memo to some of our senior-level partners, some of them dignitaries from different government ministries.

It was a simple memo, but I put so much energy into proving to her that I’d improved that I missed the trees for the forest.

I wrote the following, which by the way, was CC’d to foreign ministers around the world.

The project has been properly implemented. An audit is performed every 2 years, with the 2008-2009 version expected to be made pubic by mid-late July 2010.

If you didn’t catch it, maybe you need to work on your attention to detail skills.

I certainly do.

<edit: bolded error>



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2 responses to “Devastating Typo

  1. Chi Town Ceece

    was it typing “2” instead of “two,” or was it your gross abuse of the passive voice?

    or was it that from your clip you didn’t even explain the project?

    or was it something else ENTIRELY?

  2. If you pay more attention to your work than self-grooming then your writing will improve! So sad but sooo funny!

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