Is It Love or Is It Sex?

You know, we’ve done this before.

That time didn’t count.

<laughs> Why would it not count?

OK, so RULE 1

Are you really doing this?

YES. Rule 1…

<smiles> You have such strange pillow talk.

Are you taking this seriously?

I most certainly am.

Ok…Good. Rule 1. It has to be making love, not fucking.

JULIE! Jesus, where’d you get that mouth?

Are we good on Rule 1?

Of course we’re good. I can’t believe you’d have to make a rule about that.

Rule 2. You have to kiss me like you mean it. Not like you’re trying to get somewhere.

<laughs> Do I do that? I always thought I was a great kisser.

You are. I’m just saying…that’s usually the first thing to go.

Ok, honestly Julie. Where is this coming from?

It’s coming from nowhere. I’m just making these up as I go along.

<laughs> You’re a nut…you know that?

Rule 3! <laughs> You have to take a shower before we do it.

That one sounds serious.

Well, I think I would be able to enjoy it more.

<a bit hurt> Alrite.

Oh baby, I didn’t mean it like that. I’m just saying…well I guess I’m saying I don’t want it to be dirty. That would ruin it for me I think.

Yeah, no…I agree. Good rule. Anything else?

Rule 4…um…rule 4…let’s see. Oh! We have to have FUN! Like it’d be great if we could laugh.

Laugh? What…you want me to tickle you?? <tickles her>

<laughs> NO! I meant like…let’s talk, let’s enjoy it and have fun! I loooovvveeeee you…

I love you too babe. <smiles, kisses her>

<smiles> One more.

Ok. Uno mas.

You’ve got to love me.

Of course I love you.

You’ve got to really love me…don’t leave me. I love you so much. <her voice cracks and she tears up>

I love you more than anything. <kisses her deeply>

They make love according to the rules, by the book.

When he falls asleep, he has a dream. They’re in a car, him and Julie and they’re driving. The conversation is tight and he knows that something’s up. She asks him, “Do you love me?” He responds, “Of course I love you.”

She says, “I think I’m pregnant.”

His foot lifts off the pedal and a hot rush of red runs to his face. “How do you know?”

“I took a test. I’m pregnant.”

He doesn’t know how to respond. But his first 100 thoughts are ones of concern. How would he tell his parents? Should they keep the baby? Was he ready to commit? What happens to his plan to move to Asia for a year?

Why is he unhappy?

He wakes up in a cold sweat and eyes wide open. In the fast beating cadence of his chest and head, he slows his mind. Was this real? Think back. Were they ever in a car together? Was she pregnant? He thinks and thinks and soon he reasons out the dream from reality.

Sweet relief pours over him like an icy cold drink down his burning throat and he says a quick word of thanks to his Creator, who would be shaking his head in resignation.

Is everything alright baby?

Just a nightmare hon. Go back to sleep.

Are you ok?

Everything’s fine. Just a bad dream.

What was it about?

I’d rather not talk about it.

<a brief silence>

I got Rule 6!  We have to snuggle after we do it. I just want you to hold me.


Yea, babe?

I don’t love you.

For I have a few rules, Jessica J.


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