So L.A.

It’s NBA Playoffs time.

They tried to pull off this nonsense in Los Angeles but no dice:

But the Lakers sometimes seemed disinterested, a mood matched by the home crowd. After the Lakers’ consecutive losses to Oklahoma City inspired a crackling atmosphere for their blowout victory in Game 5 last week, Staples Center was back to its usual relaxed state.

Los Angeles gave out thousands of white T-shirts in an apparent attempt at a whiteout crowd to go with the Lakers’ Sunday white uniforms, but the majority of fans didn’t bother to put on the shirts. Lakers fans get excited about titles, not T-shirts — and despite an inconsistent regular season, their team appears capable of contending for its 16th crown.

“Lakers fans get excited about titles, not T-shirts”…clever line, but off the mark.

Everyone knows you don’t wear white to Lakers games…

Not when you got Versace on underneath.

Only in LA.


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