Asian Girls Can Be Tricky


Oh, um. hi.

Sorry, didn’t mean to startle you. My name’s Chris.

Hi. I’m Sarah.

Hey Sarah, nice to meet you. Are you headed to Times Square?

No, Grand Central.

Oh serious? I am too. Do you work near there?

No. I have an interview today.

Yeah, it looked like you’re headed somewhere important. Is it for a job?

No, it’s for a summer internship.

Oh cool. Then you must be a student?


Where do you go?


Jefferson? I’ve never heard of that. Is that a liberal arts school?

Liberal arts? No. Just a normal school.

Oh. What do you study?

What do you mean?

Like, what’s your major? Wait, oh. OH…Um. Like…

My favorite subject?

Uhhhhh….yeah…your favorite subject.

I guess Chemistry? I don’t know. I like Calculus too.

Ohh…Great…um…so Jefferson HIGH school.


Ok…So high school. Um. yeah. uh haha. I thought you were older cuz you’re all dressed up. [awkward laugh]

Thanks! So, um, what do you do?

I, uh. Um, I’m in uh…oh sorry, hey…this is my stop.

I thought you were going to Grand Central.

Oh, right, yeah. I forgot to, um. I forgot something back at my place. It was nice to meet you Sarah. Good luck on that interview.


Most of the time they look younger than they really are, but sometimes not.

Either way…


Be on guard, my brothers. Heed my warning and please,

Don’t end up all gross like me.



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3 responses to “Asian Girls Can Be Tricky

  1. lily

    oh Chris… OHHH Chris… She probably has a blog entry about what to say when you meet an awkward older Asian guy. That, or she’ll tell her girlfriends during P.E. 🙂

  2. Jonathan

    omg hahaha the few awkward seconds during the transition from being politely puzzled to the shivering “ewwww” sensation. classic.

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