Punch List: Useyerhead

This edition of the Punch list was going to be devoted to Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa (Los Angeles) for announcing a ludicrous plan to shut LA down twice a week to save the city from fiscal disaster.  The story and a quote:

There are no easy decisions or simple ways to solve this budget crisis. But as the CEO of this great city, it is my responsibility to make these difficult, but necessary, decisions to steer the city out of this crisis and onto solid financial ground.

The last time I checked, CEOs don’t shut down their companies twice a week to balance their books.

Mayor, I know tough decisions need to be made, but shutting down a city twice a week is the dumbest plan ever made. Does this mean public school kids go to school three times a week? Hospitals operate Monday thru Wednesday? Are they allowed to drive on public freeways? This is Los Angeles for Kobe’s sake…this isn’t Wasilla, Alaska donchaknow.

Anyways, I was all ready to put Mr. Mayor on my vaunted Punch List, until I scrolled through the comments to the story.

A lot of the commentators blamed illegal immigrants for the financial problems facing the city. OK, I may disagree completely, but a reasonable discussion to be had at the very least.

But in a country of death panels, birthers, and Hutaree militias, apparently reasonable discourse is just too much to ask. Here’s Useyerhead with his two cents:

The massive weight of 40 million illegals moving to a different part of the planet has caused a chain reaction in the tectonic plates across the globe. Since California is on a sensitive fault line, the current round of global earthquakes we are experiencing is directly related to the intense concentration of illegals there triggering these apocalyptic events. Kick them out now to save us all!

This is exactly the type of idiocy that runs rampant in this country. Useyerhead represents that dense sub-section of Americans who I like to call the “I can’t believe you have a vote” coalition. If you drive drunk, you lose your license. If you make comments like this, you should lose your right to vote. PLAIN AND SIMPLE.

Useyerhead and all your honky friends…

You are Next!



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2 responses to “Punch List: Useyerhead

  1. Daniel

    I love you, Chris.

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