I Don’t Know Much But…

…I do know this:

  • When the weather’s good, eat outside.
  • Keeping a bit of change helps you avoid it in the future.
  • A man made known, right or wrong, is better than becoming an unknown man.
  • Your belly button gets dirty if you forget to clean it once in a while.
  • Procrastination begets efficiency.
  • People remember the day they fell in love with jazz.
  • It’s easy to confuse morality with fear.
  • A wart on the tip of your nose is the best cure for vanity.
  • True idealists pursue practicality.
  • Sometimes, just shut up.

26 and spitting proverbs. Wisdom, come slowly.


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One response to “I Don’t Know Much But…

  1. W A I T

    Why Am I Talking?

    I’ll remember that forever… obviously not enforcing it.

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