New Word! New Word!

The English language is frustrating and unrefined. Anyone who’s bilingual knows this. There are some words and emotions so easily expressed in let’s say Korean…or Spanish…or French that just doesn’t have a good English equivalent.

But every now and again, I encounter an English word perfectly suited for the situation, time, observation etc. In other words, the word fills a need.

Have you ever run into someone just disgustingly fat? I know that sounds mean, but I mean… FAT. Fat beyond social etiquette. Where you make that designation with no malice or judgment, but with pure fascination.

How do you describe someone like that? You can’t just say fat, because then you’re grouping this phenomenal specimen with normal, big-boned individuals. Clearly, there is a need.

Thanks to my homegirl from Hotlanta, I was introduced to booty-do.

boo-ty-do [boo-ti-doo]—noun: A large, protruding stomach that causes one to stare or to gawk. Country/Region of Origin: Dirty South. Etymology: Unknown

Usage: Oh my God! Becky, look at her stomach. Its so big! It goes out further than her booty do.


Official Webster’s Dictionary entry. Let’s get it in!



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2 responses to “New Word! New Word!

  1. dluv

    Hank Hill had to wear prosthetic butt cheeks because the lack of “booty” and protruding beer gut gave him back pains. They had support groups.

  2. Daniel

    stomach-a-donk (pronounced stuh-mock-a-donk)

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