Gaga wha?

My sister got me a $25 iTunes gift card for Christmas.

After watching the Grammy’s, I decided it was time to use it. But it’s been a long time since I’ve “purchased” music. I used to tell people that my Christian convictions prevented me from illegally downloading music. I also told them that I bought music to support my favorite artists. I tell you now that I’ve never spun a bigger pile of bullshit in my life. What I really meant was that I didn’t posses the technological competency to download free music. Once I discovered the wonders of bit-torrent, I became the most immoral pirate in audio-cyberspace.

So it was with a triumphant sense of moral clarity that I opened iTunes to redeem my gift card. But where to start? People always say that moving to New York gets you closer to the music scene, but I’ve found quite the opposite to be true. Without a car, I don’t have a radio. And without a radio, I don’t have Ryan Seacrest blaring the top-5 hits into my ear every 10 minutes. The only music I have is my recycled iPod playlist.

You know all about my sad history with gift cards (refer to Appletree and Starbucks). Normally, there would have been tremendous pressure on me to make the perfect music selections. But this time, surprisingly enough, I clicked away thoughtlessly, almost on pure instinct. I guess then you could say that I knew exactly what I wanted.

Beyonce: I am…Sasha Fierce

Miley Cyrus: Party in the USA [Single off of her debut album “The Time of Our Lives” Walmart Exclusive EP]

Mariah Carey: Memoirs of an Imperfect Angel

Journey: Journey’s Greatest Hits

At this point, I had exactly $10 left, just enough for one more album.

It came down to the two Lady Gaga albums: Fame or Fame Monster.  How was I going to choose? She had more songs on Fame but “Bad Romance” was on Fame Monster. Should I go with her more progressive album? Or the one that made her famous in the first place?? Too tough to call!

It was around the same time that this absolutely titillating internal feud was approaching its climax, that I suddenly realized…Hold on, Chris…Gaga? Miley Cyrus? JOURNEY?


Friends, it would seem that I’m in a very strange and unsettling place in my life at the moment.


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One response to “Gaga wha?

  1. clov3

    Try Adele, Jason Mraz or Sugarland…omg.
    I may disown you.

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