New Year’s Frustration

22 days into the new year. The turn of the decade has brought with it a challenge I was wholly unprepared for.

Date: January 4th, 200…CRAP! <erase>

Date: 1/12/0 …SHIT! <erase>

Please enter date in the following format (mm/dd/yyyy): 0121210101…uhhhh…10201202012…GRAAHHH!  Mother effin’…I just want to put my date down, not accidently launch a nuclear warhead with some embedded coding sequence.

Expected graduation date: June, 210…AGHHHH…well…at this rate…maybe…

JANUARY 22nd 2…0…1…0!!!! FINALLY.

It’s like Y2K all over again.


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One response to “New Year’s Frustration

  1. new one! on my DMH progress note, i wrote 1/22/22. stoopid.

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