The (Humble) Queen of Christmas

364 days out of the year, there is a woman at my church who is known as the lunch lady. Every Sunday, she puts on a worn and stained apron to serve the entire church their lunch after service. If you saw her, you wouldn’t look twice.

But every Christmas Eve, she takes off the apron and puts on her finest smock. She usually adorns herself with a Christmas broach and marches to the front of the stage.

The music begins and she belts out a rendition of “O, Holy Night” like you’ve never heard before.

The seminal moment comes when she hits that incredible note…”Fall, on your knees”, in my opinion the most exalting note in all of music. I find it so ironic that such a majestic chord would usher in the image of a humbled person prostrate before the glory of God.

It’s the lunch lady, it’s the note, it’s the song.  Whatever it is, it is Christmas to me.

Sadly this year, I didn’t get to see her perform. So I did the next best thing and scoured Youtube for the best performance of “O, Holy Night” I could find.  Josh Groban, Celine Dion, Christina Aguilera, Luciano Pavarotti, Placido Domingo…NONE of them can touch the Queen of Christmas.

Fall on your knees.

Merry Christmas.


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