Health Care Burn

Looks like the Senate is close to securing the 60 votes needed to end the debate on Health Care reform.

In its current form, it looks like they’ve dropped the government run public option in favor of national health plans contracted by the federal government.

The bill would include an abortion clause that’s being opposed by both Pro-Life and Pro-Choice groups.  I don’t know how you manage to do that.  Only in American, I suppose.

Here’s the New York Times link:

Negotiating to 60 Votes, Compromise by Compromise

Compromise is just another word describing how nobody gets exactly what they want. True to form, the New York Times points out that there are some groups of people who stand to lose the most if this bill were to see the light of day:

But there were also potential losers. To bring in more revenue, the bill proposes a range of new fees and taxes that would affect some high-income people, profitable health insurance companies and people who use tanning salons.

This news comes as a major blow to Florida governor Charlie Crist.

Sorry Mr. Crist, looks like you’ve become the latest victim of some partisan gamesmanship.

Tough skin, tough luck.


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One response to “Health Care Burn

  1. Tina

    double whammy if Mr. Crist likens to any cosmetic surgery. (grin)

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