You know, I’ve defended American news sources against my better judgment for about four solid months now. Working at the UN, you’re surrounded by different prints, perspectives, languages. It really is an eye opening experience.

All the while, my colleagues from Armenia, Pakistan, Belgium, India, Netherlands…they all seem to share the same disdain for American-based news outlets like CNN and Fox News. I argue that it’s colorful journalism…an attempt to cover a smattering of different news topics.

Today, I officially gave up. While reputable foreign news sources, BBC, The Guardian, and Al-Jazeera were covering the ineffective climate change conference in Copenhagen, CNN had this golden nugget to share with the enlightened American populace:

Lil Wayne detained in Texas after marijuana found on tour bus

(CNN) — Rapper Lil Wayne was detained by U.S. Border Patrol agents in Texas on Friday after authorities found marijuana on two of his tour buses.

The marijuana on the buses was detected by a drug dog, said Agent Joe Trevino. The rapper, whose real name is DeWayne Michael Carter, Jr., was among a dozen being detained from his group. They were later released.

THIS is news?

Our poor country is getting dumber one baked brain cell at a time.


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