Awkward Elevator Talk

Nothing gives me greater amusement than witnessing the dynamics of social etiquette in the fishbowl.

As long as I’m not a victim to it, elevator talk can lead to some really awkward moments.  Case in point.  Two “work acquaintances” enter the elevator with about 22 seconds to burn:

Man: OH! How are you doing?

Woman: I’m doing great! I’m doing great…How about yourself?

Man: Doing fine, doing fine.

Woman: The weather is getting cold!

Man: Yes, yes. Hard to keep warm.

Woman: Certainly. The weather is so cold!

Man: Cold weather…Bad for auditors.

Woman: Yes.  Well, have a nice day!

I laugh when the doors close. 

Bad for auditors?

What could he have meant there?


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One response to “Awkward Elevator Talk

  1. Daniel

    I met the girl yesterday.

    There were so many awkward moments, you would probably burst watching a replay.

    Awkward conversations are all part of the daily routine.

    How do you avoid them?

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