Owned By Appletree (update)

Update on an earlier post

After two weeks of waiting for the perfect moment, I redeemed my VIP deli card at Appletree.

I got a pastrami sandwich (can’t go wrong right?)

I found Appletree lady and I waited until she said the price.  That’s when I flipped out my free hero card.

“Got a free sandwich today.”  Big smile.

She looked me dead in the eye and said:

“You still have pay the tax.  That’ll be 55 cents.”

I respond (In my head):

“You just ruined my day, bitch.”

I ate the sandwich and it sucked.  Too much mustard.

I threw away the wrapper, put my head in my arms, and sobbed until 3:45 PM.



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6 responses to “Owned By Appletree (update)

  1. Jenny

    chris your hilarious! i was going to bring up the free sandwich not really being free earlier but i couldn’t get myself to do it….you just seemed so excited about it.

  2. Dry Elbows

    that is FUCKING RIDICULOUS, the fucking tax?? fuck that policy!

  3. susan

    thanks for the LoL.

  4. Matt

    I’ll kill her…

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