Confessions of a Former Asian Guy (Self) Hater

New York is the Mecca of interracial dating, but even here, it’s a rarity to see an Asian guy dating outside the race.

I state this, in no uncertain terms, as a frank and simple observation. Nothing more. 

This isn’t one of those whiny diatribes against white men who plunder our land and make beautiful Kristen Kreuk babies. Hey good for you guy.  You may have won this round, but just wait til you meet her shockingly unilingual mother, and then we’ll see who has the edge.

But you know what? Those days of bitterness are buried in the past. Now, I’m comfortable in my own skin and I refuse to attach my self-worth to the silliness of arbitrary dating patterns, no matter how pervasive they may be.

Really, I can only speak for myself.  I know who I am and what I have to offer and I’d like to think that this gives me slightly more range than the “5’5-and-under-asian-girl-with-a-fun-but-fiesty-attitude” archetype.

It’s impossible not to devolve into stereotypes when postulating reasons WHY Asian guys seem to fare so poorly in the interracial dating game. And frankly, I don’t want to set us back even further than we already have been (Thank you for that William Hung…you asshole).

Let’s just chalk it up to years of negative stereotyping and let’s leave it at that.

But of course, there are those positive stereotypes that have been overshadowed by years of shitty Karate movies.  NEWSFLASH: There’s more to us than snap kicks and Algebra. 

In fact, let’s lay some out right now.  Mind you, these are stereotypes, so they’re only broadly true.

Asian guys:

  1. Have bowl-cuts.
  2. Can play the guitar.
  3. Love Jason Mraz
  4. Sing like they mean it.
  5. Age well.
  6. Are adorable.

C’m0n girls, what’s not to love?



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3 responses to “Confessions of a Former Asian Guy (Self) Hater

  1. dluv

    if he picked his nose, i would’ve married him.

  2. Elisabeth

    and which of the 6 do you fit?

  3. susan

    omg. this video is posted up on my facebook wall.
    little kid’s a BTC consumer in training.
    jk. cute but sounds like a .. “R” :T

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