Family Feud

This show is older than my grandma, but when it’s on, I still watch.

Especially the lightning round at the end.  Live audience, 20 seconds, thinking on the top of your head…people say the darndest things.

It’s a little bit like being drunk, I think.  You can blame what you say on the alcohol, but what you’re saying is the truth minus any and all social inhibition. It’s the same way with the Feud.

Today, there was an especially nervous looking guy in the lightning round.

Question: What is something that you own that you feel owns you?

Answer: Wife

Survey Says: 0

Sorry champ, looks like no one agrees with you on that one. Good luck trying to explain things to that wife you own.

Family Feud indeed.


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One response to “Family Feud

  1. Elisabeth

    LOL love it! Oh, lack of inhibition!

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