The Enyce Corollary


I’ve received a lot of feedback about the Enyce Post.

So I did some digging (not really, just Wikipedia).  Here’s what I found:

“The pronunciation of the brand has been confused by many over the years. The origins of the pronunciation is from the phonetic spelling of “NYC” (en-y-ce) sounded out in an italian manner. This was due to the fact that the company started under Fila, an Italian based company. When asked by employees how they would pronounce the word, everyone said “en-ne-che” thus making this the only and correct way to say the brand.”

In other words, if you want to be an old-school, Italian mob boss…you say NYC. If you want to conform to the whims of a bunch of nobodies, you’ll say it “en-ne-che” like everyone else.

I choose. Option 1.


M~ prv030499scan01

Vito Corleone says it "NYC"






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