Sunday Reflection 10-11-09

Faith on the Freeways of Southern California expresses itself in an odd sort of way. Sundays mean open roads and fast driving lanes. But people remain in their little bubble cars listening to talk radio.

In their Sunday best.

It’s private and it’s what I grew up with.

Faith in the Subway takes on another sort of character.  These are Sundays in New York City where an underground sanctuary emerges.

It is public and there is a confluence of faith.

There are those who pledge their loyalty to the prophet Eli Manning.  You will find them on the A train downtown to the Meadowlands.

There are those who preach the Gospel of Mark Sanchez.  They are robed in green with white trimming.

And you can always tell it’s them because they wear their passion on their sleeves.  Their testimony written in face paint.

For those who profess the church-going faith, one that unravels the inanity and triviality of the former, one that strikes fire down from the heavens upon false prophets, what is the appropriate garb? How will they know?

I wear my Sunday best and I hope for the best. But a dollar to the man on the corner will go just as far.

When I need a reminder, I take the A train uptown to Port Authority.  There, without fail, is a man who sweats tirelessly as he screams…

People of God, Don’t Give Up!

People of God, Don’t Give Up!

He switches to Spanish:

La Gente de Dios, No se Rinde!

La Gente de Dios, No se Rinde

Every time he speaks it, he emphasizes a different word.  And each time it means something different.

PEOPLE of God, Don’t Give Up

People OF God, Don’t Give Up

People of GOD, Don’t Give Up

People of God, DON’T Give Up

People of God, Don’t GIVE Up

People of God, Don’t Give UP

His voice resonates across that long hallway, intruding on the space of those who stare blankly ahead, at their feet.  His voice drowned out by the dripping water, the sound of rats, the approaching train.  People too rushed to stop for a word of encouragement.  But still he sweats and still he screams.

People of God…

Don’t Give Up.


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One response to “Sunday Reflection 10-11-09

  1. Dafne

    Asi es! La gente de Dios no se rinde!! =)

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