The Wonderful Wisdom of Korean Grandmothers

All Grandmothers are wise but only Korean Grandmothers are wise in that old Korean way.

Let me explain:

When I was leaving for New York, my Grandmother pulled me aside.

“I want to give you something before you left for school,” she said.

In her hands, she had two pens.

One was a beautiful, black marble fountain pen with gold lining and an inscription written in Korean across the face that read:

Wisdom rests in the heart of him who has understanding, but what is in the heart of fools is made known. Proverbs 14:33

In her other hand was a cheap, old ballpoint pen, free gift from Happy Smile Dental clinic.

“If someone asks to borrow your pen, give them this one.”



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2 responses to “The Wonderful Wisdom of Korean Grandmothers

  1. Dafne

    Well, your grandmother is very wise!
    but mine also it is and is Mexican :p


  2. CLoV3

    Happy Smile Dental Clinic!! Yeah!! I go there too!!!


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