Sunday Reflection 9-27-09

On a rainy, blustery morning, I left my room with a thick, thick book.  The rain came down and I thought to myself:

“What an inconvenience it is to have to carry this book on this rainy, blustery morning.  But it musn’t get wet.”

So I unzipped my hoodie and pressed it against my breast.

I walked along 125th and St. Nicholas and the book was getting heavier.  I thought to myself:

“My arms hurt. I’ll never carry this book around again.”

Then I heard tires screeching against the asphalt.  Before I knew it, a car called Ignorance screamed past.  The windows rolled down and a hand emerged.  In his hand was a gun…by the looks of it a .22 caliber Apathy.

It shot a single bullet and it struck me.  I crashed to the floor as the car disappeared.

The rain came down and I felt it on my face.  I was alive.

The thick, thick book had guarded my heart and saved my life.

And I thought to myself:

“I will carry this book on my heart for the rest of my days.”



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3 responses to “Sunday Reflection 9-27-09

  1. young

    Was it a bible?

    Or the letter ‘A’ book in the encyclopedia brittanica?

    Oh wait, OH… oh… allegory.

  2. susan

    i see you have more readers now. lol.
    i’m still your #1 fan. 😀
    today’s clara’s birthday!
    miss you lots

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